Thursday, January 29, 2015

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OLW ME @ Scrap Africa

A wonderful challenge to start the year across at Scrap Africa.
Create a project that tells us what your "One Little Word" for 2015 is....what do you really aspire to...what do you dream about...what is 2015 all about for you?
Please share your thoughts with us and remember to explain about your OLW.
My 2015 word is
Here is my story.......sorry, a long one...
In 2014 it was discovered that I had a fungal nasal ongoing infection (for about 5 years) that I took numerous antibiotics & also cortisone to try & clear up.  
Nothing worked....and it was yucky!  
So I requested a visit to a ENT specialist & the ones here in my home town were booked out til February this this was last August! So I asked for a referral to a Brisbane ENT who I saw very quickly - professional & caring & thank heavens!
So Pete & I headed up in October for my operation called a FESS, but heavens the doctors found a problem with my blood  at the 11th hour the operation was cancelled, we drove home again....5 hours drive south from Brisbane.
I then had an appointment to see a fabulous & witty haematologist at the local North Coast Cancer Institute, & after many blood tests &  Bone Marrow Biopsy it was discovered in December that I have LGL,...Large Granulocytic Leukemia of the T cells.....but at the moment it is benign!! 
I am one of 6 people that have this on my town, & so from now on I have to be careful of illness around me as I am lacking in neutraphils that fight bacteria & fungal infections...explains why I couldn't fight off this thing!! And lots of blood tests...they already know me well at pathology!
So finally I headed back to Brisbane for the nasal op on 19 January, & before that had an injection of neutraphil stimulating stuff to help in my recovery....
So what's all this means that I must focus on ME this year...
do & think & be just me....not what anyone else wants me to be....
who knows when this LGL might no stress...(that's a hard one atm), but I know I will overcome that soon.
So back to the business in hand....

I have used my Gelatos on watercolour paper as the background,..gee I love that stuff. 
Then layers of papers..or perhaps layers of me??, leaves, bling...& just had fun cos I was making this page for me.
Great challenge...thanks so much for this inspiration...
Hugs xx


  1. I saw your post and beautiful page on my blogger thingy and had to come on over to take a closer look at the page Debi - it is stunning!
    What isn't so blooming stunning is that you're not well - big hugs to you hun! If you ever never someone to lament to or whatever just give me a shout here or on FB or my email which I think you can find on me blog. Really hope that it goes away hun or they can control it for you.
    Now then Mrs I am telling you that you must take care of you and nothing else - or there will be trouble! Karen xx

  2. Just coming by from blogger and read this post and so I must just say Hi and wish you all the best for this year and hope you are much better by the end of the year.. It is not a bad thing to just take care of ourselves.. it is not selfish but necessary!! Love your page. love all the flowers.. take care..xxlizzy

  3. So beautiful! I love your background and that cluster of flowers. Thank you for playing at Scrap Africa.

  4. Gorgeous page and amazing word! I was just thinking about you today and was thrilled to see this post. But sad to hear you have been going through so much!! Thanks for sharing what you have been going through! I hope everything continues to go well. Keep away from those germs and I will keep you in my prayers!! I am sending a little of my word your way - positive! I know it is easier for me to say but I can hear the positiveness in your post!!! xoxo

  5. So sorry to hear of your health issues Debi. You sound very positive about the whole thing and I guess that goes a long way to helping your recovery. This is a lovely little take on the challenge and I love all the little bits and pieces that you've added. Thanks for joining in at Scrap Africa :)

  6. Wow Debi...I was sorry to hear about your health troubles....definitely a frustrating and uphill battle. But I hope that you will be well on the way to recovery soon and that you will definitely look after YOU and put YOU first this year, so that you back to 100% health soon! A fabulous project and love that little image and the gorgeous layers and blooms....special indeed!;-) Thanks so much for sharing with us at Scrap Africa! ;-)

  7. Wow....i wish You the best!!
    The LAyout is really beautiful!
    Thanks for playing with us at Scrap Africa!

  8. Wow, Debi, I am sorry to hear about your health issues! That sounds like a LONG, complicated journey...but I hope 2015 is a great year for you. You certainly should take some time to focus on yourself! Thanks for sharing and playing along with us at Scrap Africa!

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your triubles, but I hope that you will be well soon! and because of this I think your OLW is great! thank you for playing along with us at Scrap Africa!


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