Saturday, May 1, 2010

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A few cards & a sale

Well I have lots of cards I have thoroughly enjoyed making, & thought with Mothers Day coming along I would make some more & see if they would took them to my day work & to trivia too, & wow whee...sold heaps, & I need to make more.  I actually didn't put Happy Mothers Day on them, but they were all pretty girly ones, so lots of my buyers are going to give them to their loved ones for that reason...

All in there little clear packets reading for envelopes & sealing........

Popped them all in a basket & bob's your uncle!!

Love, Deb xxx


  1. They look great Deb....I sell mine too (where I work) and some weeks just cant keep up with the orders!!! Good luck with it all as the extra money is good for extra supplies!!!luv marg xxx

  2. Lovely Marg, this is my first ever sell!! Only done one commission before! I was flabbergasted in the response!! Supplies....heheehehe

  3. Way to go Deb! yep if you can sell them that little bit of cash can buy supplies. I love selling but just need to hit the right places. Well done you! hugs Clare xxx


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