Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Card Bursts....with Scrapville

2X Layers
3X Patterned papers
4X Stamped images
Don’t forget your sentiment.
#2 ANIMALS/BIRDS You must use a Rural photo or stamp of either an Animal or Bird on your Card.
The card must include greenery of some kind: leaves, flowers, branches, grass, vines, tree or similar.
This must relate to the Rural theme, so pull out those chickens, dogs, horses, cows, sheep.
Or maybe the crocodiles, alpacas, ducks, camels, the Old …..rooster (little steggler..).

What about your pet donkey or go for a few of the farmers favorite birds, cockies, parrots…… or maybe an eagle, the little bush birds, the odd emu – all sorts of stuff to choose from!
#3 METALS/RUSTIC Use 2 different Textures on this card
(embossing, textured papers, paint, gesso, fabric, webbing etc).
Attach a Tag with the Sentiment on it.

The card must have either Red or Orange on it, or both.

Have 2 metal embellishments.
#4 NATURE For this challenge your card must focus on Rural Flora.
(I will also accept crop plants/seeds/grasses as well as the flowers).
It must have stamping, a doily and one decorative edge.

Hugs xx


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