Saturday, June 1, 2013

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The Wonder of it All...

World Environment Day is celebrated June 5th, so in honour of this day ARTastic is participating in a challenge with a difference.

Introducing Robin's Nest by environmental artist Susan Schenk.

Criteria - the use of recycled material to feature prominently on your work (ie minimal commercial products). Hint - think ephemera and recycled items
A little about Susan Schenk
My art is an invitation to see beyond the apparent. From a distance, my collages appear to be paintings. Up close, they are complicated jumbles of disparate parts. These collages are similar to our own lives; appealing when viewed from afar but somewhat fractured when inspected more intimately.

My use of discarded materials as paint fosters the idea of finding beauty in the overlooked. I find treasures hidden in the trash. By using recycled magazines, maps and other ephemera, I leave a small carbon footprint and more importantly, carve out a trail of enjoyment for others.
So here is my page -
I used new CS & this lovely photo of Pippi along with a Goldmark jewellery flyer to make the two flowers and the woven pattern under the clothing/packaging labels, plus ribbon off the shoulder of a new top.
Why dont you join in is a great challenge!! But aren't they all?
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  1. This is soo creative , love the recycling items on your LO. Brilliant :)


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