Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Lightening struck last night...

Well, it struck our neighbours home next door really during a very electrical storm ...very damaging to them & to us & other neighbours...

So with that said, I have no big NAS drive any longer to access for my photos - it blew up....oh dear me! 
It was one of the casualies of the force in our home including our air conditioner, 3 phones, the work laptop, TV & so hopefully when the new drives arrives (ordered today) hubby (Mr IT) will be able to replace the drive & restore all our back up, of our back up!!

It is SO scary when it bright & SO loud...we both jumped off our seats in fright...the poor kitties, well under the bed they went!!

Ring, ring to the insurance now....

Cheers, Debi...


  1. Wow Deb, how scary for you. I'm glad that you are all OK and I hope that your insurance will cover what you have lost. There's a story there to talk about if you do end upp catching up with mum & dad as they had that happen in their street recently too!

  2. Debi,I'm so sorry about the bad electrical storm that you had. I hope that your computer will be fixed and that your back up drive will be restored. Thank God you and your neighbors are all okay.



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