Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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My Pete's Birthday

We had such a fun time celebrating Pete's birthday with a party with our friends last night (yes, a school night) but turning 55 is so auspicious that it was so worth organising a do!

And his beach cake complete with little scrapped wind surfer that I knocked together...was a Boiled Chocolate Cake covered in very coloured buttercream....went down well...everyone had blue lips & tongues!!

Pete had a fantastic night! xx

Cheers, Deb xx


  1. Happy Birthday Pete!
    My goodness what a gorgeous cake and how funny about the blue lips. It's our turn for the blue-ness today as it is Ben's 5th birthday and he's having a Thomas the Tank cake.

  2. Happy Birthday Pete! Just love that cake!!..... and I love your new pic Deb!

    Shelee xx

  3. PS: When did you become a Soul Team member for Soul Scrappers? Did I miss that somewhere? Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!



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