Friday, September 11, 2015

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Update of my 'mad' health

Been a long time since I scrapped & then is a couple of FB a today update.

Now September 11-

Getting over the Shingles slowly. Mmmmmmm

I had my 3rd Bone Marrow Biopsy Monday of this week, giving me a definate diagnosis for my red blood cell problem, it is Pure Red Cell Aplasia.
So I am now transfusion dependent....really this is way too much!!

But also cos of the transfused bloods I have to begin on some tablets today to start removing the excess iron I am storing in my body. Lordy....I am not looking forward to this....

September 2 -

New update!
I now have Shingles around my right eye. Pain and uncomfortable to say the least!
My eye was checked yesterday and so far ok. Got weeks of checking to go.
Might I say I am over all this!!!
Probably won't be on FB much, I just might sleep when I can.

August 29 -

Well a week has gone by, and I have been a real sickie in hospital, but slowly recovering.
I had Sepsis, kidney infection and the leftovers of the pneumonia to contend with, but with more drugs and the love of my dearest Pete and my wonderful Jade Willis I think I will go home tomorrow .
Then to work on the Leukemia and Aneamia! Struth!
Thank you for all your good wishes friends x x


  1. Sending you healing hugs and wishes Debi. This isn't fair & I'm sure you are fed up with all the medical treatments.

  2. Oh dear Deb. I send you my love and prayers for strength for the journey and total healing too. Hang in there and get well.. Love lizzy c..

  3. Oh my, Debi!!! Hugs to you!! I hope you feel better soon!!! Praying for you!!


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