Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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So unbelievably sad....

But such is life...isn't it?

A good friend of ours, one of our great mates from the Roving Ravers died following a horrific fall from a workplace roof, last Saturday...we just cant believe it!

So Vale - Bob Dawson....what a great man...he was so full of life, was a top bloke!

Always flying kites....

Love Deb xxxxx


  1. Oh Deb, my goodness what a shock it must have been for his family and for you... his friends!
    Sending thoughts and prayers in your direction at this sad time. x

  2. This is so sad Debi...thinking of you and sending hugs your way. xx

  3. Oh honey I'm so sad to be reading this news. It must be a very difficult time for all of his wonderful friends and family. Sending you a big hug and will be able to give you a real life one in just over a week!

  4. Oh gorgeous girl, i am so sorry to hear this sad news. What a top bloke he looks, full of life & fun. Life can be so cruel, all we can hope is that they have moved on to greater things. This is no comfort to the one's left behind though. Thought's and prayers with you amd his family. Big love & hugs Deb, love Clare xxx


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