Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Scarves for Sandie's blog

The lovely & talented Sandie popped a little question about scarves...& I thought most of mine that I had made were given away.  But not so!  Checked my scarves special drawer & here are 3.

My big green 'camoflage' one, a thinner white fluffy one, & a silver & black number with tassles.

And the pattern is...just knit to your hearts content!!!

I just fiddle around with stitches & types of yarn, & generally have fun..nothing hard for me...I just loose count otherwise!!

Not the greatest of piccies either!!

Love Deb xx


  1. Ooooh love your colours deb. my fave is the black one - it looks oh so warm. What type of wool is that black one mate?

    Thanks for joining in.

    Luv Sandie

  2. top scarves deb they look awesome best time of year for them....hugz Anita


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